Lentisco Farm

Il Lentisco is a family-run farm that produces high quality products while respecting the environment. Its land, which slopes towards the sea, has been transformed into characteristic Tuscan terraces supported by natural stone walls. Il Lentisco is a certified organic farm that produces extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams, as well as a natural, olive oil based cosmetic line named Elbolea. Il Lentisco’s products can be purchased directly at the farm, at the island’s farmers markets and fairs, by e-mail or by telephone.

“Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had a passion for ‘earth’. I would almost get emotional, tenderly crumbling a handful of soil between my fingers. Although now a distant memory, this is how I began my life and became a student at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Florence in 1973. Following my studies, many farming and general life experiences began, but I kept feeling that young boy’s passion pushing me. The Island of Elba was already a part of my life, and in 1990, I finally seized the opportunity to buy some land in Barbarossa, near Porto Azzurro, just up the hill from the beach bearing the same name. Naming our fields “Il Lentisco” came on its own, inspired by the beautiful Pistacia Lentiscus trees that enriched the area. Slowly but surely, the olive trees allowed my dream to come to life. In 1995, I converted the farm from conventional to organic, and consequently earned the honor to produce and press olive oil worthy of the Eurpean’s Union definition of organic.”
Paolo Talucci

Paul Talucci

Lentisco is part of the Elbataste association that came to fruition from an idea by Valter Giuliani. Producers and restaurateurs came together and work to promote the wine and gastronomic delicacies produced on the Island of Elba and throughout the Tuscan Archipelago.

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