The varieties of olive trees planted on the farm are primarily a Tuscan variety that has been integrated with the Coratina variety, from the region of Puglia, which gives the pressed olives a spicy taste. New Maurino olive trees were planted on the land to replace an old vineyard. The trees have a particularly thick foliage that protects itself from wind. The main characteristic of these trees is the high pollen production, so they are therefore considered one of the most important varieties as pollinators. As soon as they become productive, a monoculture oil will be produced which is perfectly balanced between sharp and spicy.


Why does olive oil have a sharp taste?

Especially when we’re talking about new olive oil, extra virgin olive oil brings out quite intense flavors that are a combination of sharp and spicy. The sharp taste is given by the phenolic compounds that bring an elevated nutritional component to the oil which allows for it to be stored for long periods of time. The phenolic compounds are antioxidants that protect the oil from oxidizing and producing a rancid taste. The sharp taste also stems from the type and age of the olives being milled. Scientific research confirms that olives that are milled before reaching their peak ripeness offer a more elevated level of quality compared to ancient methods. In centuries past, olives were milled fully matured to acquire a quite sweet taste, but could turn rancid more quickly. The earlier the olives are harvested, the sharper the taste, and the higher the presence of antioxidants as well as beneficial properties within the oil.

Why is olive oil spicy (and why does it tingle)?

Along with the sharp aspect, extra virgin olive oil also has a spicy component. This spiciness is a quality that can be appreciated when tasted raw, drizzled on a bruschetta, vegetables or soups. This high presence of spiciness is derived from polyphenols, which have a high content of antioxidants, along with cardiovascular and anti-tumor benefits. EVOO’s spiciness mellows over time, but will always keep its organoleptic properties, especially when it is of high quality like ours.

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