Lentisco Jams

The origin of jam is really very old, it is even found in Roman cookbooks. Also the Greeks used to boil quinces with honey to make preserves. In ancient Rome, however, fruit was immersed in a mixture of sweet dessert wine, cooked wine and honey. It is only in the Middle Ages that you can find a jam made with a similar method to our current one. The jams started to be made in order to preserve the harvested fruit in season so that it could be enjoyed in times when difficult to find: in times when refrigeration systems were practically absent, cooking and the addition of sugar ensured a long shelf life. With the advent of sugar in the 1700s the practise then spread all over the world.


Jam is considered an essential part of a hearty breakfast or a snack for physical activity, but in general it is good to consume just a reasonable amount. It is a food with high energy value given by sugars, vitamins etc… and it is also easier to digest than fruit, as it corrects the acidity of the stomach.


bitter orange jamBitter orange jam is very genuine and unique, because it contains inside the true citrus and sour flavour of oranges. It could be a good addition to all meals of the day: ideal for breakfast spread on bread, for dessert tarts, to sweeten hot drinks such as tea , to be eaten as an afternoon snack or in combination with good cheeses.

Amount for 100g:
◾ 65 gr Oranges with peel
◾ 46% Sugar remaining
◾ Lemon juice
Weight 340gr


clementine jamClementine jam is prepared using freshly picked fruits which are very fragrant, aromatic, sweet and more delicate than Mandarins in flavour; The result is a very good jam with a lingering aftertaste, full of all the intense aromas of the fruit. It is very suitable for making tarts or other desserts, or used alongside cream or chocolate, it is great for breakfast or tea time. It also goes really well with fresh or seasoned cheeses. Also very suitable for giving a fresh and citrusy Mediterranean fragrance to seafood and raw fish.
Amount for 100g:
◾ 72gr Oranges with peel
◾ 46% sugar remaining
◾ Lemon juice
Weight 340 gr.


lemon jamLemon jam, unlike all the others, has a unique flavour since it is more bitter, very fresh, and with a pungent aftertaste; the taste is delicious and typically Mediterranean, the scent very intense. With lemon jam you can make tarts, pies and desserts of different types or you can combine it with cheeses with an intense flavour such as parmesan and pecorino to make an aperitif more appetizing. Sweet and bitter at the same time, it retains the taste of lemon and presents itself as an excellent alternative to start the day in a healthy and restorative way.
Amount for 100g:
◾ Lemons 60 grams.
◾ Sugar 46;
Weight 340 gr.


fig jamFig jam is undoubtedly one of the tastiest, ideal for making cakes, tarts and to accompany the bread and mature cheeses. And not only that: savour it with biscuit slices, a real delicacy.
Amount for 100g:
◾Figs 62 grams.
◾Dried Figs
◾Remaining Sugar 47
◾ Lemon Juice
Weight 340 gr.


onion jamA teaspoon of this onion jam on a piece of fresh mature cheese is a perfect match, but it can also accompany any cooked or boiled meat..
Amount for 100g:
◾ Onion 79 grams.
◾ Sugar Remaining 48
◾ Infusion of bay laurel leaves
◾ Lemon Juice
◾ balsamic vinegar

Weight 170g

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